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  general information
  Listed below are things you should consider whenever you are creating a resume.
  name and address
  Your name, complete address, phone/cell number, and email address should be listed at the
top of the page.
  Use a larger font size for your name.
  Avoid abbreviations. Spell out everything such as Street, Road or Avenue.
  job objective
  A job objective contains one or two sentences describing the job you are seeking.
  Examples include: "Seeking entry level position in sales" or "In search of a forklift operator
  Your job objective should give the reader a sense of the type of job you are searching for.
  Include the name of the company, city, state and your job title.
  Emphasize experience in a particular job area.
  Stress your results, elaborating on how you contributed in your previous jobs.
  Slant your accomplishments toward the type of position you hope to obtain.
  Start with your most recent job and work back chronologically.
  Include the name of the school you attended and the city, state.
  Mention degrees, certificates, and special awards received that pertain to the type of job you
are seeking.
  Include foreign languages you speak, read or write.
  Include computer skills.
  List any other skills pertinent to the job you seek.
  You can list "References available upon request" at the bottom of the page.
  Not all resumes include references. You can leave this information off your resume if you wish.
  sell yourself
  Stress all past accomplishments that relate to your chosen employment category such as
differences you've made to your company or department.
  items to omit
  Don't include social security number, marital status, health, citizenship, age, scholarships,
irrelevant awards, irrelevant associations, previous pay rates, previous supervisor names, and
reasons for leaving previous jobs.
  Be sure to catch ALL spelling errors, punctuation, and capitalization.
  Have your resume reviewed by someone who is attentive to details, can effectively critique
your writing, and will give an honest and objective opinion.
  Get a second, third, and fourth opinion if possible.
  Don't use humor - what you find funny might not appeal to a potential employer.
  Make the layout as simple as possible. Use short sentences and bullet-points. You can always
expand on these during your interview.
  Keep it concise - ideally no more than two pages. The average resume is reviewed by the
reader for only 15-30 seconds.
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